Writing Workshop: Building the Basics

Who: 3rd-6th Graders*

When: June 17th-July 27th**

Where: Online

Registration: Opens on April 12th

Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours/week

*While this course is geared toward 3rd-6th graders, it is also open to older students seeking help with foundational writing skills.

**Is your child participating in other activities or traveling during some of the workshop days? No problem! This is a self-paced online course, and your child will have six weeks to complete the activities. 


  • 6 weekly instructional modules
  • 36+ instructional videos
  • 50+ printable resources
  • 6 Writing Workshop Wednesdays Zoom calls with Dr. Pittman
  • 5 writing feedback videos

This six-week online course is designed for students needing extra support with foundational writing skills. The goal of the course is for students to gain confidence as writers by having step-by-step tools to go from a blank page to a published writing piece!

On the first day of the workshop, you'll receive access to the course in the Teachable platform. Your child will have all week to complete the lesson at your family's convenience. 

Each weekly module includes pre-recorded instructional videos, model texts, a writing assignment, editing checklists, graphic organizers, and other printable resources! Your child will study a different type of writing each week and practice the following skills:

  • Brainstorming ideas and choosing a topic
  • Using graphic organizers
  • Writing a strong opening sentence to hook the reader
  • Adding supporting details
  • Using transition words
  • Adding adjectives to create a movie in the mind of the reader
  • Writing a conclusion
  • Revising and editing
  • Publishing

At the end of the six weeks, your child will have five final writing pieces and a reference notebook filled with resources for writing! 

Click here for a preview video of this course!

Meet the Teacher

Dr. Cathleen Killeen-Pittman, Founder of Our Learning Studio

Dr. Pittman is an academic support specialist and literacy coach. She is the founder of Our Learning Studio, an academic support practice based in North Carolina, where she works in private practice to support parents, teachers, tutors, and students across the country.

Dr. Pittman's career as an educator spans over 30 years. She has served as a teacher or administrator in the public school, community college, and university settings. She spent 15 years serving as the Beginning Teacher Evaluator for the public school system where she mentored teachers during the first three years of their careers. She had the privilege of conducting over 2,000 classroom observations during that time, and she developed a particular interest in how to set students up for success in structured, supportive learning environments with meaningful instruction.

Dr. Pittman holds an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, a graduate degree in Educational Leadership, and a doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration.  

Let's summarize!

Weekly Modules
Instructional videos, model texts, writing assignments, editing checklists, graphic organizers, and other printable resources! 

Writing Workshop Wednesdays
Drop-in group office hour on Zoom where students can ask questions about the week's assignment or share their work in progress!

Feedback Videos
Students may submit their work at the end of each module, and they will receive a 5-10 minute video with feedback about their writing.

Parent Support
Introductory video on how the course works and ways to support your child

Printable Resources
Writing process cards
Word wall folder
Graphic organizers
Brainstorming maps
Editing checklists
Transition words
Beginning, middle, and end cards
Writing prompts
And more!

Student Notebook
At the end of the six weeks, students will have a notebook full of writing resources and completed writing pieces! This is a great resource that can be used throughout the school year!

What if my child has scheduling conflicts or other commitments during the workshop dates?

No problem! This is a self-paced online course, and your child will have six weeks to complete the activities. 

What materials will my child need to participate in this workshop?

Your child will need a three-ring binder, tabs or dividers, sheet protectors, notebook paper, and access to a printer.

What is the cost of the workshop?

Tuition for the six-week workshop is $480. Please note that tuition in non-refundable.

How long will my child have access to the workshop modules?

Although this is a six-week course, access to all of the printable resources and videos is open for eight weeks. This allows for extended time for children benefiting from this accommodation. Access to the modules will close when the eight weeks are completed.

When is the next workshop?

The workshop will be held just three times in 2024. The next workshop will be held from June 17th-July 27th. Dates and registration information for the fall semester workshop will be posted in July.

Do you have questions about the writing workshop? Do you need help deciding if this workshop is the right match for your child?

Get in touch with Dr. Pittman here!

Watch a preview video of this course here!

Join Writing Workshop: Building the Basics!

The workshop begins on June 17, 2024!